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Midland High School is ranked 90th within Michigan. Students have the opportunity to take International Baccalaureate coursework and exams. The IB participation rate at Midland High School is 24 percent. The student body makeup is 50 percent male and 50 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 9 percent. Midland High School is 1 of 2 high schools in the Midland Public Schools.

Jeff Jaster, Principal


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2018 Saginaw Valley League Teacher of the Year Award

The Saginaw Valley League established this award to recognize excellence in teaching. This award is
presented annually to one teacher from each of the Saginaw Valley member high schools.

A teacher may only win this award once.

Any teacher who has taught for at least 5 years and whose current teaching assignment is full or part-time
in grades 9-12 is eligible to receive this award.

If you wish to nominate a teacher for this prestigious honor you may either, submit a letter in support of your
candidate choice.

Midland High School Nomination Form

Nomination Deadline is Friday, March 12, 2018