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Midland High School is ranked 90th within Michigan. Students have the opportunity to take International Baccalaureate coursework and exams. The IB participation rate at Midland High School is 24 percent. The student body makeup is 50 percent male and 50 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 9 percent. Midland High School is 1 of 2 high schools in the Midland Public Schools.

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MHS Thirty-ninth Friday 6-8-18

Good afternoon!

I’ve been as busy as a bee this week, getting ready for exams, getting Chromebook collection in order, closing books for the school year and even attending a retirement party (or two).  The exam schedule for next week is below.  The schedule is the same as semester exams.  The first dismissal time listed is for students who finish exams early.  If a student doesn’t finish early, s/he has until the time of final dismissal for that hour to complete the exam.  Students are not required to attend Open Study on Wednesday and Thursday, but the cafeteria and media center (as well as some classrooms) are available for students who wish to study.  If you have any questions about the exam schedule, please feel free to contact me.  

Parents of Graduates,  there is a link on the MPS website labeled “Senior-Off-Boarding”.  It has important information regarding email accounts, file management and device and student ID instructions.  This is very important information as they leave Midland High School.  Please visit the attached link.  https://new.midlandps.org/wp-content/uploads/Senior-Off-Boarding-1.pdf

AND don’t forget that Schaffert Studio took a picture of each graduate in their cap & gown as they accepted their diploma.  You can order your child’s picture online at www.SchaffertStudio.com

Final Exam Schedule 2017-2018
Transportation will be the same as any regular school day.  There is no bus scheduled for 7th hour exams.  Bus schedules will be posted on the windows and walls in eyeball alley.
Food will be available in the cafeteria on Tuesday 7:00-7:259:10-10:05, and 11:45-12:45.  Food will be available in the cafeteria on Wednesday andThursday 7:00-8:15 and 10:10-11:50.
Students must remain in the room until the first dismissal time.  Please remind them to move quickly and quietly to eyeball alley or the cafeteria when they leave the exam.

June 12, 2018
1st hour exam
7:40-9:10 (first dismissal)
final dismissal 10:05
2nd hour exam
10:15-11:45 (first dismissal)
final dismissal 12:40
7th hour exam
1:00-2:30 (first dismissal)
final dismissal 3:25
June 13, 2018
Open Study
3rd hour exam
8:40-10:10 (first dismissal)
final dismissal 11:05
4th hour exam
12:00-1:30 (first dismissal)
final dismissal 2:25
June 14, 2018
Open Study
5th hour exam
8:40-10:10 (first dismissal)
final dismissal 11:05
6th hour exam
12:00-1:30 (first dismissal)
final dismissal 2:25

Report cards are scheduled to be published to Home Access Center on June 22nd.  If your student’s report card indicates grades are on “HOLD”, this means that the student did not turn all textbooks, library books, athletic uniforms, music uniforms or other items belonging to the school.  Please contact MHS to find out what the missing item is.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you would like to participate in the All In Fore Chemic Pride golf outing and dinner to be held at the Midland Country Club on Monday, August 6, please see the attached form.  All In Fore Chemic Pride Flyer 2018 (1).pdf You may also become a hole sponsor or donate an item or service for the silent auction. Money raised goes to fund the Jenifer Turner Sisco memorial scholarship given to a senior each year, as well as pay for a variety of  things for Midland High. Past purchases include: A new stage for Commencement and awards ceremonies, a Tig welder and welding hoods, calculators for standardized testing, a camera for yearbook, potters wheels for the art program, an eflat Clarinet for band, items for the Caring Closet, American Literature trips to the Detroit Institute of Arts, and a myriad of other items. Contact Amy Hutchinson if you have questions.

On August 7th there will be a Midland County Revenue Enhancement Millage RENEWAL on the ballot.  Please review the attached proposal and VOTE on August 7, 2018.  2018 enhancement millage brochure.pdf

Distribution day for the 2018 Yearbook will be August 22, which coincides with 10th-12th grade schedule pick-up and picture day.  So mark your calendars now & know that with these videos, there’s even MORE than what appears on the page. . .

Need to make up credits this summer?  For summer school offerings, visit this link:  https://new.midlandps.org/pages/district/summer-program/

Need a summer plan?  Many summer camps are available to students.  For more information, visit the flyers on the new MPS website:  https://sites.google.com/midlandps.org/communityflyers/

SAVE THE DATE(S) FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR!  District calendar is available at https://new.midlandps.org/wp-content/uploads/18-19-Calendar-BOE-Approved-031918.pdf
August 20, 2018 – August 24, 2018 – MHS Band Camp 
August 21, 2018 – Incoming Freshman Kickoff and schedule pick up 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
August 22, 2018 – Tenth-Twelfth grade schedule pick up and 2017-18 Yearbook pick up 
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
August 28, 2018 – Back-To-School Curriculum Night for Parents 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
September 28, 2018 – Half Day of School, hours 1-3, 7:40 am – 10:47 am
September 28, 2018 – Homecoming football game 7:00 pm

September 29, 2018 – Homecoming dance 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
December 1, 2018 – Rhapsody Rendezvous (two shows on this date)
Other school calendar dates to be decided. 

Midland Public Schools has a new Secondary Attendance Policy.  The current version in the Chemic Handbook and will soon be updated on the MHS website.  This new policy went into effect on Wednesday, February 7th when it was presented to students.  I have attached it here:  Attendance Policy 2-6-18.pdf   If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact Assistant Principals Matt Wenzell or Bob Scurfield for clarification..

Parents/Guardians!  Please check Home Access and make sure your students contacts, address and phone numbers are up-to-date.  It is required that schools have “proof of residency” on each student every time they move.  A copy of a bill with the parent/guardian name and address on it would serve as the proof.  It is very important that this information is kept up to date so you don’t miss any correspondence from the school or we need to contact in case of emergency.  If you have any questions please call Cheryl Gardner, Registrar, at 923-5188.

With Chemic Pride,
Lori Kennemer
Administrative Assistant
ph:  (989)923-5185