​​​Freshman Scheduling Considerations

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Information for Freshmen
What is the IB Diploma Programme?

The IB Diploma Programme is a comprehensive and challenging pre-university curriculum for juniors and seniors recognized worldwide. According to IBO, “Diploma holders are ready to debate real-world issues from an international perspective, and to provide leadership and support in the local and global community. Students demonstrate a capacity for in-depth study while maintaining a broad perspective of the different subject areas.” Midland Public Schools offers IB courses in English, French, German, Spanish, History, Business, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Art and Music.

What are potential benefits of and IB Diploma?

An IB Diploma provides students with excellent preparation for college. It develops a global perspective through an interdisciplinary course of study. Colleges and universities look favorably on an IB Diploma candidate in the admissions process. In addition, many grant credit and accelerated placement for successful completion of IB courses.

Sophomore class selection considerations

Group 1 – English

  • Suggested pathway is American Literature.

Group 2 – Second Language

  • Either French, German or Spanish
  • Need to be in at least level 2 by sophomore year
  • Could consider a test out if not at that level but must have taken at least year 1.

Group 3 – Social Studies

  • Students should take Government and Economics as a sophomore only if they want to keep their options open for possibly pursuing the full IB Diploma AND they are NOT in either 9.4 math OR at least level 2 or higher of a second language (currently) and plan to continue.
  • If Government and/or Economics are taken as a sophomore, a commitment form to follow through with the IB History of the Americas (11th) and 20th Century World Topics (12th) courses will need to be signed and filed with your current World History teacher.
  • .4 Government and Economics is recommended for sophomores.
  • If History of the Americas (.4) it taken as a sophomore, it may not be taken as part of the IB Diploma or repeated as a junior or senior.
  • If .2 History is taken as a sophomore, History of the Americas is not an option in future years.

Group 4 – Science

  • .3 Chemistry is the best option for those considering the IB Diploma.
  • .2 Chemistry or Geoscience are possibilities but to do not provide the best preparation for IB.

 Group 5 – Mathematics

  • Either 10.3 or 10.4 are the best options for a student considering the IB Diploma.
  • A student who is a grade level ahead of his/her class in either .3 or .4 has options but they should be discussed with the IB coordinator or the district math coordinator as soon as possible.
  • A student on the .2 math pathway may not be prepared for IB math.

 Group 6 – The Arts

  • No prerequisites need be considered.​